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TheraLink is a worldwide pharmaceutical company that focuses on bringing advanced, new and innovative products into the drug delivery system. We ensure formulation development and regulatory support through certified manufacturing setups including WHO-GMP, EUGMP and USFDA compliant partners.


Exporting our products across national borders, TheraLink products will be readily available worldwide. We seek to demonstrate our presence in Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and other regulated and developing markets of the world by offering a high degree of distribution expertise.

TheraLink has the responsibility of developing innovative technologies and new products that enhance the recovery of patients around the world. Regardless of how far we go, we're always going to be an organization that improves the quality of healthcare for people. Creating opportunities for individuals to realize their full potential, we help millions of people around the world experience better and happier lives.

TheraLink's Expertise

We believe that developing and supplying pharmaceuticals is a responsible activity and since our experience in the field is more than 10 years, we are aware about crucial aspects in the supply chain.

We have an in-house Quality Assurance team and with the wealth of expertise in the management of pharmaceutical product supply chain and manufacturing, we believe we add value to our relationships.

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We Provide professional Services

Global Supply Solution

TheraLink Pharma's dedicated staff and extensive global contacts enable healthcare professionals, hospitals and distributors from all over the world to source and supply a broad range of branded, generic and health care products.

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Clinical Trial Supply

TheraLink Pharma knows the significance of "STANDARD" in clinical trials or testing and is working closely with both our regulatory team and a new product development team.

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Emergency Medical Supply and Market Shortages

TheraLink have a global network and experience in managing supply chains, we respond promptly to shortages of products on the market as well as providing urgent medical assistance.

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Storage and Distributions

GDP Compliant storage and distribution facilities in the India for Pharmaceuticals. The wholesale and retail distribution network has been established nationally and internationally.

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Regulatory Services and New Product Development

TheraLink Pharma has a role to play in helping companies understand the regulatory requirements for product development and registration. With a view to saving time and costs, Theralink Pharma provides its clients with guidance on how they should manage and plan their product development programmes and regulatory requirements according to current legislative standards.

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Direct Manufacturer Relationships

Direct relationships for a longer period of time. A very wide range of product availability.

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